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Control peak load and monitor energy consumption in real time

Quinn Monitor & Control achieves energy savings of up to 30% by reducing your peak demand fully automated and without noticeable impact on your daily operation. Thanks to our web-based portal you are in control to configure your connected energy assets and monitor your energy demand in real time.

Quinn Energy Monitor

Understanding consumption to increase energy efficiency and reduce energy costs.

Understanding energy consumption is often the first step towards identifying areas for energy savings. Quinn Energy Monitor surveils the energy consumption in real time and displays it every 15 minutes and more frequently. The energy data is gathered with a gateway installed next to the existing meter infrastructure. Thanks to the state-of-the-art customer portal, customers can recognise energy patterns and identify and monitor energy efficiency measures, including the calculation of key energy figures.

Quinn Energy Monitor provides easy access to other Quinn Energy Management services with no additional hardware installation necessary. Introducing first measures for energy savings or unlocking new revenues through providing energy flexibility can be done with an upgrade of the subscription package with just one click.

Features of Alpiq Quinn Energy Monitor at a glance

  • Real-time monitoring of the energy demand of the building infrastructure

  • Aggregation of different measurement series

  • Export and import (csv/xlsx) of energy data

  • Software updates and availability guarantee

  • Access and compatibility with other Alpiq Quinn energy management services

Quinn Energy Control

Energy savings of up to 30% with a simple and holistic solution.

Quinn Energy Control helps you to fight increasing grid tariffs which typically constitute between 30% and 70% of the power bill – also in the liberalized market. With upcoming power grid investments to connect renewable energy sources and ongoing changes in legislation, the trend of increasing grid tariffs will continue.

Shaving demand peaks is an effective method to lower grid costs. The main challenge is to limit the steering of every single load to a minimum, without noticeable impact on the core processes, for the greatest possible outcome. For that Quinn uses an elaborate framework to ensure smooth operation. Additionally, the requirements towards peak-shaving solutions are growing.

Quinn Energy Control uses state-of-the-art hardware components to connect the energy assets onsite and the newest machine-learning skills to predict and control the short-term energy consumption. By steering loads intelligently, load peaks are avoided which are invoiced by your distribution grid operator. We include all kinds of industrial loads and consider all technical and commercial restrictions of your production processes to ensure minimum impact on your business goals. Like all Quinn services, Control is fully automated and comes with a visualisation software, offering full transparency. Furthermore, the service can be expanded and is compatible with other Quinn modules.

Features of Alpiq Quinn Energy Control at a glance

  • Reduction of load peaks: reduction of annual, monthly or weekday peak load, adaptive load maximum, high tariff and low tariff

  • Fuse protection: real-time energy monitoring at the meter to avoid a blackout due to overload

  • Monitoring and visualisation: access to the state-of-the-art customer portal, KPI overview of energy savings, real-time monitoring of total load as well as historical track of the load curve and control signals towards individual assets

  • Automated: fully automated operation without noticeable impact on operational processes

  • Configuration: parameterisation and prioritisation of load groups in case of operational adjustments or changes

  • Energy Efficiency: reduction of "operation of no avail”

  • Reliable: full performance even in case of an internet outage.

Many customers from the restaurant business and the food industry, as well as organizations such as retirement homes, hospitals, foundries and metals refiners – to name a few – have confidence in our solutions. Does the connected load of a production building give you something of a headache? Well, if you come to Alpiq, you are at the right address, because with our systems, expensive network reinforcements are often redundant and grid costs can be reduced systematically.

Your benefits

  • Energy savings of up to 30% through peak load reduction

  • 30 years of industry experience

  • State of the art portal for energy data monitoring and configuration

  • A robust and fully automated solution

  • One-stop-shop solution with attractive payback times

  • Fully compatible with other Quinn services and always up-to-date thanks to the subscription

What we provide

  • Analysis of peak shaving potential
  • Hardware including installation and commissioning

  • Constantly updated software without maintenance effort

  • Initial configuration of the energy assets

  • Helpline

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