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Quinn Energy - Manages energy assets to reduce costs, save resources, and generate additional revenue

An energy management system that puts you in control. Quinn Energy is a comprehensive service that lets organisations across all industries manage their energy assets to reduce costs, save resources and generate additional income. This is even more important in the context of a transforming energy industry.

What Quinn Energy offers

  • Manages risk and improves transparency and predictability.

  • Automatically optimises and manages energy assets and market positions based on the market situation, tariffs, and regulation.

  • Minimises cost, reliance on the grid, and CO2 emissions.

  • Manages energy communities ranging in size from individuals, households, and industrial sites, through to cities and countries.

Optimise energy distribution with Alpiq

Alpiq enables customers and partners to make the most of their energy resources. With Alpiq Quinn Energy we maximise energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions, helping our customers and partners take advantage of the transforming energy landscape and grow sustainably.

By combining digital capabilities with energy knowhow, we navigate the transformation in the energy market to provide sustainable value for our customers. We help producers, prosumers, and consumers to optimise and distribute energy, for a seamless integration of all your energy sources into one ecosystem.

Quinn Energy modules

Dynamic Load Management for e-mobility

Quinn’s dynamic load management system enables you to scale and future-proof your charging infrastructure. It means you can charge multiple cars at the same time without compromising on efficiency or safety.

Read more about dynamic load management here

Monitor & Control

Quinn Monitor & Control saves up to 30% of your energy costs by reducing your demand peaks. This is fully automated and does not noticeably impact your day-to-day work. Thanks to our web-based portal, you are in control of reconfiguring your energy assets and monitoring your energy demand and savings in real-time.

Read more here


Read more case studies here:

Sunstar Hotel Group: cost-reducing energy optimisation

Senior citizens’ centres systematically save power

Energy forecasting

With Quinn’s energy forecasting modules, industrial and commercial customers as well as customers with a supply portfolio can use the most advanced forecasting technologies to reduce their imbalance costs.

Read our forecasting case study here

Battery management

With Quinn Battery Management, Alpiq offers you comprehensive storage solutions and optimised energy storage. By connecting to Quinn Battery Management, we can ensure the optimal use of your battery storage with state-of-the-art forecasts and optimisation algorithms – from day one, and throughout the battery’s life.

Learn more about battery management here

Energy analysis

Quinn energy analysis and our expert advice helps you understand your energy consumption and adjust to your energy tariff and regulatory environment.

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