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Quinn Charge - connecting electric car drivers with charging station owners

This comprehensive EV charging software enables car charging station owners to sell and manage their charging services, and electric car drivers to find and use charging stations near them.

If you are operating or about to purchase a public or semipublic electric vehicle charging station, you need charge management software. This allows you to give drivers access to your charging station, and allows them to pay for what they use.

Alpiq’s charge management software, Quinn Charge, brings your charging station to life, with smart charge points integrated into a network. Think of it as an online consumer goods shop, where you can bill your customers in a customised way, adjust your prices, promote your services, monitor charging data, create your own branded charging app and much more.

Quinn Charge is an ideal charging solution for workplaces, residential properties, e-mobility service providers, charge point operators and of course, electric car drivers.

Quinn Charge for the workplace

Quinn Charge provides electric car charging points for business. Pioneering companies understand that moving the company fleet to electric is an efficient way to reduce both their carbon footprint and their operating costs.

Once your smart, connected charging infrastructure is in place, you need software that gives employees access to the charging station, while also monitoring and managing it. This requires robust and synchronised software since your employees will need to not only charge in the workplace, but also at home and on the road. The question is: how do you administer and manage both  charging and billing?

Quinn Charge is the answer. This EV charging software is a customisable and intelligent solution to manage your company’s charging needs. Your employees will receive a charging card or use their employee badge, which they can use in the office, at home, and at over 130,000 public charging points across Europe.

Through the administration portal, your fleet management team can have real-time and complete visibility of charging across the organisation. Since your company’s own stations will be in high demand, Quinn Charge also gives you tools to optimise and service them to ensure the best possible performance.

Your company can decide how to reimburse employees for charging at home and you can differentiate between corporate and private charging. Payments can be easily handled through Alpiq’s roaming and billing service and payment data can be integrated with your company’s ERP system.

Allow your visitors to use the company chargers too, by opening guest accounts and billing as you feel is appropriate.

Quinn Charge for residential properties

Today, your building might have a couple of chargers, which means organising and billing for charging is relatively straightforward. But tomorrow, your garage will be filled with chargers. How will you organise charging and billing then?

As a first step, you as a property owner or manager need to make sure that all the chargers can be connected to the cloud, unless you are willing to take manual readings from each meter every month. Once that’s set up, Quinn Charge can support you with implementing billing for the use of your building’s charging facilities.

Quinn Charge is like your remote operations centre. It allows you to coordinate and orchestrate charging in your building. You can decide who is eligible for charging, when charging can take place, and how charging will be billed. You can monitor all the charging activities from an administration portal and get real-time visualisations and reports.

We know that every building is different, so we’ve made sure Quinn Charge can be tailored to suit your needs. Some options for implementation include:

Option 1: Alpiq can cooperate with your local utility company and all tenants pay for EV charging as part of their electricity bill.

Option 2: Tenants receive individual charging cards and you as a landlord can add the charging costs to the cost of their rent.

Option 3: A hybrid solution, which enables some of the costs to be paid by an individual and work-related costs to be covered by an employer.

Quinn Charge services for EV drivers

Forward-thinking companies with vast customer bases are expanding their service offerings to include EV infrastructure.

One such example is local electric utility companies who already sell electricity at home. Electric car charging stations is a logical addition to this service portfolio.

As a full-service provider, Alpiq provides white-labelled e-mobility solutions, which these business can sell with their own branding, directly to customers. We can help every step of the way, with Quinn Charge offering a white-labelled charging mobile application and RFID cards.

You can create flexible subscriptions for end-customers, set up pricing and station access. End-customers can use a wide range of payment solutions, from credit card to more modern payment options, such as Twint. All of this can be integrated into your CRM/ERP systems.

Quinn Charge also means your customers can easily find public charging stations near them, with access to 130,000 charging points across Europe, accepting a wide range of payment methods.

Quinn Charge also gives your customers access to the Easy4you platform, which is trusted by thousands of electric car drivers in Europe.

Read more about Easy4you here

Quinn Charge for public charging point operators

As electric cars become mainstream, drivers need more versatile options to charge their cars on the go. If you own a hotel, restaurant, retail chain, petrol station or other public service location, charging stations are an excellent way to make your location attractive for electric car drivers and to generate additional revenue.

As a full-service provider, Alpiq is your trusted partner to plan, select and install the charging station best suited to your needs. By connecting your station to the Quinn Charge software, you can make it available to all electric car drivers with a smartphone or an RFID card.

Quinn Charge allows you to set different prices, monitor charging events and revenue in real-time, and alerts of any operating problems.

What we provide

  • Comprehensive charge management software tailored to different needs

  • Customisable billing and payment methods

  • Mobile application to find and use EV charging stations

  • Administration portal:

      – Statistics & reporting

      – CRM/ERP integration

      – Asset management

      – Roaming

  • Support centre

  • RFID and charging cards

Benefits for you

  • Make your station available for thousands of electric car drivers

  • A “remote operations centre” to manage and organise your charging station

  • Customised payment and billing solutions to suit all needs

  • Reporting and end-to-end visibility of charging events

  • White-labelling options, allowing you to use your own branding

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