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Quality management and certification in power plants

Operators of power plants carry great ecological and social responsibilities. They have to meet high environmental standards and ensure the safety of employees, persons, and products at all times. We support your quality and asset management and help you certify your plants.

Quality and safety are our top priority

In order to protect your employees and the environment, we are glad to help you ensure the safety of your power plants and obtain the corresponding certificates. We will examine the quality, environmental and asset management of your power plants. In this way, we help you meet the corresponding requirements. Contact us for an individual consultation.

What we offer

  • Comprehensive quality analysis of your power plants

  • Consulting for certificates (TÜV, ISO 9001, ISO 55 001, ISO 14 001, naturemade basic and star)

  • Support throughout certification process

Your benefits

  • Risk prevention and protection of your employees

  • Sustainability and longer life-cycle of your plants

  • Certification of your quality and environmental standards

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions Quality management and certification

What distinguishes Alpiq's quality management?

As operator of our own power plants, quality management and occupational safety are a top priority for us. We lead the field in this respect:

1. We were the first power company in Europe to obtain the ISO certificate 55 001.

2. All of our hydropower plants carry the ISO 14 001 as well as the TÜV SÜD EE02 certificate and produce electricity from 100% renewable energy sources.

3. The hydropower plant Ruppoldingen was awarded the quality seal “naturemade star”.

4. Our gas-fired combined-cycle power plant Csepel is ISO 9001 and ISO 14 001 certified.

5. The power plant Csepel is ISO 28 001 certified.

The safety of our power plants is regularly recognised with awards and prizes. We want to pass on our collected experience to you and help you obtain the desired quality certificates.

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