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Asset management of power plants

As an owner of power plants, you are responsible for the safe, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective supply of energy. To secure your production process 24/7 and increase the profitability of your plants, we provide professional asset management covering the entire value-added chain.

Your hydropower expert

Whether you are a project owner and plant operator, a project developer or an investor, we offer you consulting throughout the entire life cycle of your hydropower facility – from the project design phase right through to the decommissioning of outdated power plants.

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Increase the profitability of your production plants

We create the optimal conditions for efficient power generation. As an operator of numerous power plants all over Europe, we offer you access to all of our expertise in asset management. We take on administrative tasks and optimise performance parameters or manage profitability and risks through the entire life cycle of power plants. For this purpose, we have introduced a proprietary asset management model that was the first in the world to be certified for ISO 55 001. Contact us for your customised solution.

What we offer

  • Asset management model with or without ISO 55 001 certification

  • Execution of business management and operations responsibilities

  • Active participation management

  • Performance-based maintenance (costs, availability, risks)

  • Risk and opportunity analysis

  • Development of asset management plans (operating plan, investment plan, etc.)

  • Creation of reliable financial and production forecasts

  • Monitoring of power plant performance and active production planning

  • Calculation of marginal pricing for flexible production

  • Profitable balancing energy management

  • Optimisation of raw material acquisition

  • Energy-technological optimisation

Your benefits

  • Improved profitability of your plant

  • Reliable cost control and good planning capability for investments and operating costs

  • No administrative effort

  • Maximised energy efficiency

Frequently asked questions Asset management services

Why is Alpiq the right partner for asset management?

Because we operate more than 70 power plants ourselves all over Europe and thus have a tremendous amount of experience in asset management. We cover the entire value-added chain, from construction to the marketing of the energy produced. This also includes maintenance and technical and commercial optimisation. Our goal is to improve your business and technical performance while at the same time ensuring the safety of property and people. We help you adhere to clear risk tolerance limits and decision thresholds.

How does the asset management system with ISO 55 001 certification work?

We have developed our asset management system together with HYDRO Exploitation SA, our asset service provider specialised in hydropower plants, and OXAND, a consulting company specialised in infrastructure ageing and risk simulation. The resulting product is applied at three different levels of management: strategic management, tactical management, and operating management. Using forecasts and scenarios, we decide on the best solution for balancing costs, risks, and power availability to ensure the highest possible profit margin for you.

What references does Alpiq have?

We successfully manage our own power plants all over Europe (hydropower plants in Switzerland, gas-fired combined-cycle power plants in Italy, Spain, and Hungary). In addition, we are managing partner of several of the largest hydroelectric operators in Switzerland, including Grande Dixence SA, Forces Motrices de Hongrin-Léman SA, Forces Motrices Gougra SA, or Salanfe SA, as well as the nuclear power plant Gösgen SA. In addition to process optimisation and capitalising on our expert knowledge of ageing, state, and risk of assets, we continuously generate added value for power plant owners.

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