Asset management

Energy producers have a lot of responsibility – for ensuring a country’s supply, for a clean environment, for protecting employees and the population. So, it is important to have efficient plants, strict quality management, and to optimise for sustainability. As a leading electricity producer in Europe with a wide power plant portfolio, we make all our experience and know-how available to our customers with our asset management.

Due to our experience, we know the entire life cycle of power plants and their integration into the value-added chain. We provide you with tested and optimised asset management and maintenance models in many locations in Europe. We can help you meet all regulatory and ecological requirements and lower your investment costs while optimising the utilisation of capacity. Without compromising safety.

Services for operators of hydropower and thermal power plants

With our knowledge of the energy sector and our technical expertise as operator of hydropower and thermal power plants, we support you in the successful implementation of your projects. Our focus here lies on structured and well-thought-out processes.

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