Alpiq in: Europe

Energy and plant technology

Energie- und Anlagentechnik

Electricity and heat have to be generated – and we generate the perfect conditions. As a versatile partner to the industrial and energy sectors, Alpiq develops and implements state-of-the-art energy and plant technology throughout Europe. We provide individual, forward-looking solutions and service the whole value chain.

Our aim is to create the ideal conditions for the flexible and secure supply of electricity and heat. We also provide security for our industrial clients’ production processes, including those from the chemical and petrochemical sectors, by providing the best operational environments for plants, power plants and buildings. We add value with our comprehensive, manufacturer-independent consultancy, planning and design, our project management experience and the high quality we deliver on the construction site and in service provision.

Energy and power plant technology

Energie- und Kraftwerkstechnik

We turn major projects into successes. As experienced general contractor, we engineer and build quickly controllable power plants and combined heat and power generation plants on the basis of gas turbines, gas and steam turbines, engines and boilers for different areas of application with fuels such as biomass, gas, coal and oil.

Decentralised power generation

Dezentrale Energieversorgung

Expertise counts. We engineer, erect and maintain plants for power, hot water, steam and refrigeration supply as well as cremation systems.

Underground piping systems

Erdverlegter Rohrleitungsbau

Get connected quickly and safely: We engineer and build grids for the distribution of natural gas, steam as well as hot, warm and drinking water.

Nuclear technology


We specialise in services that cover the entire life cycle of nuclear plants. Dismantling and post-operation of such plants is one of our specialities.

Industrial plants


For the industry, we build piping systems and plants suitable for all media and for all temperature and pressure ranges. During revisions as well as for maintenance and repairs, we will give you our total commitment on site.

Utility services


We support production processes. Through the employment of intelligent technologies, we create the perfect conditions for the operation of plants, power plants and buildings.

Fire protection


We engineer, procure, install and maintain fire alarm and fire fighting systems for industry and power plants, as well as public and commercial buildings.



We engineer, calculate and design plants that meet the needs of investors and operators as well as environmental, safety and health regulations.



We are building and checking piping systems and components for power plants, industry and pipelines at our own production facilities in Eberswalde and Haiming.

Welding and testing technology

Schweiss- und Prüftechnik

Top-notch welding and testing. We train welding procedures and welders, consult on the choice of materials and conduct material tests and damage inspections.