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Charging infrastructure for e-mobility

The choice of the optimum charging infrastructure is the deciding factor in the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of e-mobility. In cooperation with our partners, our product range covers every area and field of application.

From home charging stations and fast-charging systems to charging cables – our range of charging-station infrastructure includes the following:


Home charging stations for e-vehicles

Our home charging stations facilitate the efficient and safe charging of e-vehicles. They are designed specifically for the private sector, with professional home installation. The home charging stations can be used in many ways and across the entire AC range.

Öffentliche Ladestationen für E-Fahrzeuge

Public charging stations for e-vehicles

Our charging stations are ideal for use in public and semi-public spaces. They are particularly suitable for places with high traffic volume. Although we offer individual devices, we also equip entire systems, such as infrastructure parks or public institutions.

Schnellladestationen für E-Fahrzeuge

Fast-charging stations for e-vehicles

Our fast-charging stations extend the range of an e-vehicle by five kilometres per minute of charging time. They are therefore suitable for motorway service stations, petrol stations and the public sector, but also for car dealerships or companies with a large fleet of e-vehicles.

Ladekabel für E-Fahrzeuge

Charging cables for e-vehicles

In order to provide safe and fast charging, we have the most common Mode 3 charging cables in our range of products. They can be used for all recent e-vehicles.

Ladelösungen für E-Bikes

Charging solutions for e-bikes

The boom of e-bikes continues. To ensure that e-bikes can be parked and charged safely, innovative approaches are needed. We provide interesting charging solutions for e-bikes.

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