Renewable energy sources management

The intermittent nature of the power generation from renewable sources places considerable challenges on operators and direct marketers in respect of production forecasting, dispatch, balancing energy management and commercialisation of the generated power.

Particularly in the Western European regions (e.g. Germany, Italy)  where direct marketing of renewable energy is a way to potentially increase the value of generated electricity, we offer the opportunity to benefit from our 24/7 intraday traders and our ability to maximise the value of short-term flexibility. Alpiq offers a dedicated service of covering balancing energy responsibility by taking over intraday trading with the corresponding 24/7 management at a fixed price. Alpiq prepares the day-ahead and intraday forecasts and bears the costs for balancing energy. The direct marketers continue to receive the revenues from day-ahead Spot marketing while plant operators do not have to get involved in the process.

Alpiq is expanding its capabilities in operating RES assets with the help of its in-house experts and state-of-the-art SCADA systems, particularly in the Eastern European and Nordic region. In addition to this – in order to ensure a smooth integration of own and third-party RES production in the contemporary market place – Alpiq leverages its unique wholesale capabilities to ensure that RES owners and operators get the best value out of their assets.  In Poland and Nordics, we offer market access, along with balancing and forecasting services for RES producers. In Romania, our dispatch centre located in Bucharest enables us to provide a full range of services covering the monitoring and dispatch requirements of intermittent electricity generators (e.g. wind, solar).

This offering is available in the following countries: