Innovative Energy Solutions

Innovative Energy Solutions stand for Alpiq’ s newest and most innovative energy business activities – a reflection of the latest trends in the electricity industry, such as energy efficiency, demand side management and smart grids. Alpiq is developing its innovative energy solutions in anticipation of a future characterised by the dissemination of smart grids including grid decentralisation, increased renewable generation and the coming e-mobility revolution.

  • Flexitricity – in line with its strategic resolve to develop new businesses and support its core trading and sales competencies, Alpiq has acquired one of the leading demand side operators in Great Britain. Flexitricity enables customers to unlock the economic potential of their own consumption by realising their potential in the system services market.

  • Xamax – Xamax AG  is focused on the optimisation of energy consumption, especially on monitoring, load management and, reactive power management. Xamax is active on German, French and Austrian markets.

  • GridSense – for Alpiq the application of artificial intelligence solutions in the energy business is no longer just a buzz word – it is a reality. GridSense is a self-learning load optimisation system that optimises energy consumption by learning from the consumer’s behaviour and improving the integration of renewable generation. It bridges the consumer’s world with that of the market, linking its optimisation algorithms with dynamic electricity prices. GridSense is offered by the Alpiq InTec Group.

Distributed generation management

Alpiq has the necessary skills and know-how to bundle small, decentralised capacities and market them both in the system services and the electricity trading markets.

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Demand side management (power)

Alpiq focuses its demand side management (DSM) services on assisting its customers to analyse and optimise their power consumption and on providing systems services to the respective grid operator.

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Renewable Sources Management

Alpiq leverages its unique wholesale capabilities to ensure that RES owners and operators get the best value out of their assets.

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Hybrid virtual power plants

The hybrid virtual power plant enhances the conventional virtual power plant concept by combining it with elements from the smart services category, namely distributed generation, demand side and RES assets.

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Energy performance contracting

Energy performance contracting is a guaranteed energy savings service for end customers, which combines financing, commodity delivery and technical solutions in order to reduce and optimise energy consumption.

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