Short-term trading & optimisation

The short-term trading and optimisation activities cover the time frame from intraday, over day-ahead, right through to month-ahead. In line with our integrated portfolio management approach, we manage short-term trading in close collaboration with longer-term activities.

Alpiq is the number one in cross-border trading in Central Eastern and South Eastern Europe.

A strong position in short-term and cross-border trading

We have non-stop 24/7 trading to continuously manage the most critical intraday positions, as well as local intraday desks in markets where proximity translates into customer value and at trading hubs where we are particularly active in cross-border trading.

With this strong position in short-term and cross-border trading, we are able to capitalise on the surging importance of spot and intraday trading in the European energy markets, maximising value in complex, heterogeneous asset-backed and non-asset-backed portfolios.

This offering is available in the following countries: