Alpiq’s added value chain: digital solutions and energy trading

At Alpiq, Digital & Commerce forms the link between the conventional, centralised energy world and the disruptive, decentralised energy world. In Europe, Alpiq leads the way in the marketing of flexibility for its own power plants and its customers’ decentralised generation units and renewable energies.

Energy trading on Europe’s energy exchanges and structured products and services round off Alpiq’s broad portfolio. Alpiq focuses on prosumers. With the “Energy Artificial Intelligence” platform that Alpiq developed in-house, the technology company offers innovative energy services. Approximately 460 employees in 34 European countries are available for their customers at any given time with innovative energy services.

Digital networking increases energy efficiency and reduces costs

Alpiq develops customised, intelligent solutions for its customers. Using digitalisation solutions, Alpiq networks and optimises the energy flow between electricity producers (both centralised and decentralised), complex energy ecosystems and prosumers. To achieve this, Alpiq relies on artificial intelligence. Energy ecosystems that are monitored in real time help enhance energy efficiency and save costs for customers. Alpiq is already successfully active in this future-oriented business and is the leader in the growth market for self-learning algorithms.

Innovative Energy Solutions

Innovative energy solutions stand for Alpiq’ s newest and most innovative energy business activities – a reflection of the latest trends in the electricity industry, such as energy efficiency, demand side management and smart grids. Alpiq is developing its innovative energy solutions in anticipation of a future characterised by the dissemination of smart grids including grid decentralisation, increased renewable generation and the coming e-mobility revolution.

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Electromobility is our passion. As the Swiss market leader, we offer you comprehensive infrastructure solutions and take responsibility for planning, installing and maintaining charging stations for e-vehicles.

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Digital Technologies & Innovation

We founded the Digital Technologies & Innovation in order to drive digital networking further forward. By applying its start-up mindset and profound knowledge of the sector, the business unit works in close collaboration with its customers and partners in order to drive forward the digital transformation in the energy sector.

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Strong solutions for load control and management

With its innovative product portfolio ranging from Flexitricity to Xamax and GridSense, Alpiq is the leading partner in the field of load control (DRM) and load management. Alpiq’s customers in this field include grid operators, the industrial sector, large-scale consumers and end customers.


Xamax has been an expert in the field of energy management for 30 years. Our integrated optimisation systems cover all the tasks that need to be mastered in operational energy management. From meter data collection and visualisation to automated management of energy flows. The core aim of our customer solutions is always to reduce energy costs in an overall context. Regardless of whether a particular situation involves operational peak loads, participation in a virtual power plant or a straightforward comparison of electricity tariffs.

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GridSense is the smart technology of the future, controlling electrical equipment such as heat pumps, boilers, charging stations for electric vehicles and batteries autonomously and in a decentralised way. GridSense uses artificial intelligence to gauge, learn and anticipate user behaviour. It uses this information to ensure optimised, efficient energy consumption within a building. With this smart energy, a conventional house is transformed into an energy-efficient smart home. Thanks to the intelligent switching of loads, GridSense also contributes towards the development of a smart grid and helps level out the load in the distribution grids.

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Flexitricity is the foremost commercial aggregator of demand response services in Great Britain.

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Energy trading

Alpiq is active on all the major European energy exchanges. The company focuses on origination and marketing activities in the B2B customer segment for electricity and natural gas. Alpiq has a pan-European presence with regional roots and know-how and a team with extensive experience in fields ranging from the optimisation and marketing of new renewable energies right through to flexible generation units. Thanks to the 24/7 intraday team, Alpiq customers enjoy around-the-clock access to Europe’s intraday, spot and forward markets. This service opens up attractive revenue potential and facilitates risk management and the active management of energy positions.

Origination products

Alpiq’s comprehensive portfolio of flexible power plants in connection with our cross-border positions throughout Europe offers many possibilities for standard products and individually customised solutions.

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Origination services

Alpiq is a leading provider of origination services in Europe. We offer a wide range of solutions that enable our customers to manage market risk and maximise the value of their energy portfolios.

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Specialised supply solutions

Our core business is electricity and natrual gas supply. In addition to our origination products and services, we have also developed supply solutions for end customers and resellers.

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Exchange & OTC Trading

Alpiq is active across all major European energy exchanges and broker platforms. Our activities span the full spectrum of actively traded exchange and Over the Counter (OTC) products, both physical and financial and cover the entire traded time horizon from intraday through to the forward market, for all the main commodities of the energy complex. Our trading floors cover all major European regions and enable simultaneous operations. Our advanced infrastructure facilitates the seamless handling of transactional, analytical and risk management support for trading portfolios in liquid as well as less liquid markets.

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Werdhölzli wastewater treatment plant

Alpiq has developed a new “Energy Artificial Intelligence” platform. By networking data, for example from power plants, consumers, energy markets or weather information, this platform creates added value for customers and partners within the energy ecosystem. The optimal decisions are calculated and the control signals are transmitted to power plants almost in real time, in order to continuously maximise the economic benefits for all the participants in the energy added value chain.

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