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Successful environmental and health management in the Zlin region

Over the past 15 years Alpiq Energetika has succeeded in reducing emissions in the Zlin region by 99 %.

Pollution by emissions can be an unpleasant side-effect of energy generation. To avoid such pollution, Alpiq Energetika uses fluid bed boilers and burns natural gas. These technologies are environmentally friendly, particularly when compared with other oil-burning technologies, and are ranked among the BATs (Best Available Technologies).

When coal is burned in the fluid boiler, limestone is added to the process to absorb the released SO2 (sulphur dioxide). The fluid bed temperature controls NOx emissions and the CO2 (carbon dioxide) content by regulating the air input. Finally, textile filters are used to absorb solid elements at an efficiency rate of more than 99%

A comparison of pollutant emissions in the heat reactor between 1991 and 2005 shows the following reduction rates.

TZL (solid elements): 99.6% SO2: 78.5% Nox: 83.0%