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Managing our water resources wisely

Switzerland is the Europe’s water vessel. Major streams and rivers such as the Rhine, the Rhone, the Inn and the Ticino carry great masses of water from Switzerland to the North Sea, the Mediterranean and the Black Sea.

In recent years, however, even we Swiss have come to realise that water is not an infinite resource. Our weather patterns are changing. Lengthy droughts, the rapid melting of the Alpine glaciers, and heavy rainfall – causing debris flows and flooding – are clear signals that the climate is gradually warming and that we will have to adapt.  

Against this backdrop, water resource management has become increasingly important for energy producers and operators of hydroelectric power plants in Switzerland. And our big dams are playing a key role. In this interview with Amédée Murisier, Head Hydro Power Generation at Alpiq, we discuss the changes that have been taking place in water resource management.