Alpiq in: Europe

Watch how we produce electricity from water power – up close and personal. Stop by and see us!

We offer you the opportunity to visit the power plants and dams operated by Alpiq and its partner companies.

You and your group, class or club can experience the reality behind the electrical socket and how the physics works in real life.

Embedded in a unique alpine landscape, our storage power stations’ reservoirs are also an informative, entertaining excursion destination. They can even be the starting point for a variety of hikes.

Register now for an exciting power plant tour in the Swiss Plateau or Western Switzerland

At the Ruppoldingen hydroelectric power plant, we will show you how we produce power in harmony with nature. In 2010, the power plant received the coveted “naturemade star” certificate. This quality seal honours exceptionally eco-friendly electricity, known as “green power”. It comes from 100 per cent renewable energy sources and comes from adherence to stricter-than-average ecological requirements. “naturemade star” is awarded by the Association for Environmentally Sound Energy VUE after strict inspection.

Register your group for a visit at Ruppoldingen – our free two-hour tour (Monday - Saturday) will teach you more about environmentally sound use of hydroelectric power and preservation of flora and fauna around the plant.

Our storage power plants in Waadt and in Wallis Veytaux, Bitsch, Gondo, Navizence, Martigny-Bourg, Miéville and Bieudron are open Monday to Friday for tour groups of 10 people. The guided tours are free of charge and last about 90 minutes.

The dams at Cleuson and Gebidem can be visited by groups of 10 people from June to October, Monday to Friday. The guided tours are free of charge and last about 60 minutes.

From mid-June until the end of September, tours at 11:30, 13:30, 15:30 and 16:30 take you into the interior of the dam at Grande Dixence. An entrance fee is charged. 

Find more info on Grande Dixence.