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Kestenholz photovoltaic system

Alpiq Photovoltaikanlage Kestenholz 

The solar modules generate approximately 1.2 million kWh per year.

Following a construction period of three months, Alpiq's second-largest photovoltaic system in Switzerland was officially put into service in January 2015. The system was installed on the roofs of two industrial buildings in the municipality of Kestenholz. A total of 4,549 photovoltaic modules with a surface area of 7,399 m2 generate 1,130,000 kWh of electricity per year. This is equivalent to the electricity consumption of 250 Swiss households.

Photovoltaics & Solar


Kestenholz, SO


1.183 MW

Alpiq: 100 %


1.13 GWh


in service