Alpiq in: Europe

Gas-fired combined-cycle power station

San Severo

San Severo gas-fired combined cycle power station

Through its affiliate En Plus, Alpiq has built a gas-fired, combined cycle power station in San Severo (province of Foggia, Italy) with an electrical capacity of 400 megawatts.

Plana del Vent

Plana del Vent power station

As a cutting edge technology model, Plana del Vent is configured as a combined cycle power plant with two modules of 400 MW, each one fitted with a gas turbine, a heat recovery steam generator and a steam turbine. Thanks to its 800 MW total capacity, Plana del Vent can supply enough electricity to cover the annual consumption of two million ...


Novel thermal power station

The 100 MWe Novel S.p.A. plant, located in the province of Novara, is the result of cooperation between Geogreen (49 % stake) and Alpiq (51 % stake). The power station provides electricity and steam to the chemical plant Radici Chimica.

Kladno II (TG8)

Kladno II

The 43 MW gas-fired power station is designed primarily to generate balancing power for the Czech power supply system. The facility is designed to reach full load from a cold start within only 15 minutes. In addition, it has the capability to start without an external power supply (after a total black-out). This power station is the first facility ...

Kladno I (TG6)

Kladno I (TG6)

TG6 refers to a block at the Kladno coal-fired power station in the Czech Republic that is fired using natural gas. The gas-fired combined cycle power station provides an output of 67 MW and was commissioned in 1999. In addition to electricity, the TG6 block also generates steam and warm water to provide Alpiq's customers in Kladno near Prague ...


Csepel thermal power station

Alpiq acquired Csepel II power station in 2002 which is a modern gas-fired combined cycle power station built in 2000. The gas-fired power station meets around six percent of Hungary's total electricity requirement. Situated on the banks of the River Danube in Budapest, the complex can operate on both gas and oil.


Vercelli thermal power station

The 50 MWe gas-fired combined-cycle power station is located in the town of Vercelli in northern Italy. It was planned by Alpiq in cooperation with the company AF Consult and built by STC-Atel on a turnkey basis. It was commissioned in 2004.