Alpiq in: Europe

We generate electricity for Europe

Alpiq generates electricity from hydro power, fossil fuels, nuclear energy and new renewable energies. Our power stations deliver an attractive mix of peak load and base load energy.

Through its own power stations, Alpiq contributes to Swiss and European electricity supplies. We produce base load energy and offer a large proportion of attractive peak load energy which we use flexibly to cover our customers' fluctuating requirements. When it comes to power generation, we take a responsible approach to resource management.


Power plants in 2017MWInstalled
Hydropower2,677 3,907
Switzerland2,677 3,907 
Small-scale hydropower, wind, photovoltaics306 506
Switzerland16 48 
Bulgaria 73  138 
France14 35 
Italy203 285 
Nuclear power 795  4,401
Switzerland 795 4,401
Conventional thermal power 2,160 5,978
Italy318  2,522 
Spain 1846 877
Czech Republic
593 2,062 
Hungary403 517
Total25,938 14,792

1 Of the installed capacity, 50 % is owned by Alpiq and 50 % is managed by Alpiq

2 Net (after deducting pumped energy), excluding long-term purchase contracts