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Forces Motrices de la Gougra SA

Gougra storage power station

The Gougra power station harnesses the power of water from Val d’Anniviers and the Turtmann Valley thanks primarily to the Moiry dam, built in 1954 above Grimentz. The dam is 148 meters high and 610 meters long. The water is fed from the reservoir to the power stations in Mottec, Vissoie and Chippis (Navizence).

Moiry dam - alt. 2249 m

Type: Arch-gravity dam
Concrete volume: 814,500 m3
Height: 148 m
Length: 610 m
Reservoir capacity: 77 mn m3

Turtmann dam - alt. 2177 m

Type: Arched prestressed concrete dam
Height: 30 m
Length: 110 m 
Reservoir capacity: 780,000 m3

Moiry-Mottec head - Collected in Moiry reservoir

Headrace tunnel: Length 3380 m, diameter 2.4 m, capacity 12 m3/s
Geology: Gneis
Pressure shaft: Length 1050 m, diameter 1.7/1.5 m, incline 80%
Energy coefficient: 1.324 to 1.551 kWh/m3

Mottec-Vissoie head

Headrace tunnel: Length 6910 m, diameter 2.4 m, capacity 12 m3/s
Geology: Gneis
Pressure line: Length 900 m, diameter 1.7/1.5 m, incline 68%
Energy coefficient: 0.986 kWh/m3

Vissoie-Chippis head

Pressure tunnel: Length 8500 m, diameter 2.3x1.9 m, capacity 11.5 m3/s
Geology: Paragneiss
Pressure line: Length 1106 m, diameter 1.67 m, incline 70%
Energy coefficient: 1.277 kWh/m3

Storage Power Plants


Anniviers/Tourtemagne, VS

Mottec: 3 Pelton turbines / Vissoie: 3 Pelton turbines / Navizence: 3 Pelton turbines

164 MW

Alpiq: 54 %


570 GWh


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