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Ruppoldingen run-of-river power station


Equipped with two propellor turbines, the power station has a capacity of 23 MW and generates some 115 GWh per year. The 5.9 meter Kaplan turbines are among the largest waterwheels in Switzerland. The construction of the new building in 2000 included various environmental protection measures as well as measures to restore and rehabilitate the natural landscape along the River Aare. Water expanses, islands and natural growth areas were establlished along an 8.4 stretch of river. Instead of the old canal, a 1200 meter long fast-flowing watercourse was built for aquatic life forms. The ecological development is continuously documented and assessed by experts in the course of periodical environmental monitoring. At the beginning of 2010 the association for environmentally sound energy (VUE) awarded the Ruppoldingen power station the naturemade star certificate.

Large Run-of-River Plants


Boningen, SO

2 bulb turbines

23 MW

Alpiq: 100 %


115 GWh


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