Alpiq in: Europe

Flumenthal run-of-river power station


The Flumenthal power station was first put into service in 1970. Following measures to increase the efficiency to 27 MW, the average annual output of the three turbine-generator groups is 146 GWh of renewable hydroelectric power. This corresponds to an increase in electricity production of 6 percent. 

In 1993, Alpiq carried out a study to determine how the capacity of the Flumenthal run-of-river power station could be increased. Following successful pilot trials, the work was started in the context of a general overhaul in 2006. The first turbine-generator group was converted by Alpiq during a period of six months in the winter of 2006/2007. The overhaul of the other two groups was carried out staggered over the next two years. The last machine group was put back into service in the spring of 2009. The modernisation of the power station included a general overhaul of the machine groups together with the installation of new turbine shafts and fluidic-modified turbine wheels, the replacement of the electrical control and regulating plant, as well as the station supply and generator equipment.

Large Run-of-River Plants


Riedholz, SO

3 bulb turbines

27 MW

Alpiq: 62.1 %

1970 / 2009

146 GWh


in service