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How we are paving the way for e-mobility

In 2017, electric cars made up a mere 0.3% of all vehicles in Switzerland. In order for e-mobility to really get going, the necessary infrastructure must rapidly be expanded. New mobility concepts and software solutions are also called for. Here, electricity companies are paving the way and, as providers of stimuli, we are actively promoting the decarbonisation of transport. To enable the mobility revolution to succeed, we are developing innovative services, which private customers also profit from.

We already boast a wide range when it comes to infrastructure and software solutions. From planning, installation and commissioning, through to the maintenance of charging stations, we take care of all services. The acquisition of a stake in the partner network MOVE constitutes our next step. Back in 2017, we combined our charging network with that of Groupe E, which founded MOVE Mobility AG together with ewb and EBM. Since then, we have provided access to over 300 public charging stations in Switzerland, while operating the shared system "easy4you". This allows charging abroad and simplifies billing, as well as payment. With a 25% stake in MOVE Mobility AG, we are bringing future mobility further ahead.

Together with MOVE, we are pursuing a consistent goal: to create the largest charging network Switzerland-wide and to provide uncomplicated services, such as a hotline, taking care of billing, and customer data management. Ultimately, a comprehensive, high-quality, reasonably priced charging service shall emerge. As part of MOVE, we are creating incentives to switch to e-mobility and driving it onwards ourselves. 

Alpiq and Move join forces to drive electric mobility forward

With the E-Grand Tour of Switzerland, the world's first holiday route equipped for electric cars, we have proven our competence in infrastructure for e-mobility. We now have a market share of around 30% in Switzerland. We will soon commence installation of high-power charging stations. In addition, we are developing mobility concepts and software solutions, so as to adapt our range of products and services to customer requirements.

The pilot project Juicar is currently underway in Southern Germany. Developed by our cleantech incubator Oyster Lab, it makes e-mobility possible for everyone in everyday life and removes pre-existing obstacles. This e-mobility subscription service includes the vehicle, along with maintenance and vehicle damage insurance, plus a home charging station with flat-rate green power. A flat rate for charging when away from home is an optional extra. With a minimum contract duration of just one month, Juicar enables its customers to find out whether and how e-mobility can be integrated into their daily lives. We will finish the field test at the end of March.

As the rise of e-mobility entails higher electricity consumption which will have to be controlled via power management in the future, we are working on effective solutions with which to stabilise the grid and to reduce grid load. Thus, in our view, there is nothing left to hinder the decarbonisation of private transport.

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Sabine Labonte

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