Alpiq InTec leaves Kältering AG

Zurich – Alpiq InTec is leaving Kältering AG on 30 May 2014. Alpiq InTec will continue to actively develop the area of refrigeration technology and support its customers throughout Switzerland.

Alpiq InTec and Kältering AG have decided to go their separate ways. Alpiq InTec’s departure from Kältering is set for 30 May 2014 and will affect the companies Alpiq InTec West AG and Alpiq InTec Romandie SA, as well as the company Liechti AG, which has been part of Alpiq InTec Ost AG since November 2013.

In accordance with Alpiq InTec’s strategy of offering a comprehensive range of services throughout Switzerland, Alpiq InTec will continue to expand the area of refrigeration technology under its own auspices. This new position will enable Alpiq InTec to actively drive the development of refrigeration technology in Switzerland.

Alpiq InTec’s separation from Kältering AG is being conducted amicably – following a number of years of successful cooperation. However, cooperation for specific properties and customers will remain possible on a case-by-case basis.