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News & stories

Vieux-Emosson dam height raised: reservoir now filled!

The Vieux-Emosson reservoir, which was raised by 21.5 metres as part of the construction works at the Nant de Drance pumped storage power plant, is...

Successful “Swiss Evening” in Vienna

Alpiq is steadily expanding its market presence in the fields of digital energy services and e-mobility solutions in Europe. On 8 October 2019, to...

Emission-free mobility with hydrogen

On 25 September 2019, Alpiq's Gösgen hydroelectric power station formed the epicentre of zero-emission logistics for one day: Hydrospider AG, in which...

Alpiq triggers efficiency investments

Thanks to green hydrogen, the link between the electricity and mobility sectors is becoming an economic reality in Switzerland

  • The first 2 MW electrolysis facility for the production of green hydrogen in Switzerland will become operational at the Gösgen hydropower plant at...

Alpiq expects strong e-mobility growth in Italy

The Italian government started to promote e-mobility with subsidies in April 2019, aiming to have 1 million electric vehicles on the roads by the year...

Local and environmentally-friendly electricity supply thanks to long-term contracts by Alpiq

More expertise for growing e-mobility

The European countries’ emissions targets, a growing supply of electric vehicles and an improved charging infrastructure – all signs point to the fact...

Planning a holiday in Switzerland? Discover the hydropower plants and their surroundings

Xamax AG will become part of Alpiq Digital AG on 1 July 2019

In June, Alpiq consolidated its subsidiary Xamax AG with Alpiq Digital AG. As a result, Xamax will operate on the market as Alpiq from 1 July 2019.