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Alpiq in Milano

Alpiq in Milano

In Italy, Alpiq is currently active through various companies in the field of power generation and provides energy services.

Alpiq, which is founded upon Atel and is hence able to profit from its one hundred years of experience, has been present in Italy since 1999, which means from the very start of the liberalisation of the electricity market. Today the company has a range of thermal, hydraulic and wind power stations. Of these, it operates some itself and others in cooperation with other companies.

Over the years, Alpiq's connection with Italy has intensified. It has been based on an investment strategy that involved cooperating with major industrial groups to build gas-fired combined cycle power stations (San Severo, Novara and Vercelli) and wind farms.

Over more than ten years, Alpiq achieved considerable market shares with its electricity supply in various customer segments. Alpiq's main focus was on key account customers, individual customers that are registered in the VAT register and public institutions. As of 2015, in accordance with the new strategic orientation, Alpiq will discontinue its electricity sales in various European countries, including Italy.

Alpiq Energia Italia is active in the electricity generation managing power stations and in the sale of power and gas to resellers, heavy energy consumers and utilities.

In the energy services business the Group is represented by Alpiq InTec Italia, the company with two business units (Milan and Verona) acting in the field of design, installation and maintenance of electrical and mechanical building facilities, energy efficiency, cogeneration and e-mobility.