Alpiq in: Europe

Turning the power of water into electricity

Ruppoldingen hydroelectric power station

The three run-of-river power stations operated by Alpiq Hydro Aare AG utilise the waters of the River Aare to generate environmentally friendly electricity for some 150,000 households.

Turning hydro power into electricity has been a traditional strength of Alpiq's since 1896. This form of energy generation is environmentally compatible, CO2-free and natural. Alpiq Hydro has been responsible for operating a trio of run-of-river power stations on the banks of the Aare at Flumenthal, Ruppoldingen and Gösgen since 2000. The three power stations produce electricity efficiently and cost-effectively using the latest technology. Between them, they generate more than 500 million kWh of electrical energy a year: equivalent to the consumption of around 150,000 households.

Alpiq Hydro Aare AG facts

Alpiq Hydro is a fully-owned subsidiary of Alpiq Holding Ltd. The company uses the waters of the River Aare between Lake Bienne and Aarau and is responsible for the operation, maintenance and expansion of the three hydroelectric stations at Flumenthal, Ruppoldingen and Gösgen.

  • Founded: December 2000
  • Employees: 22
  • Power stations: 2 run-of-river power stations, 1 canal power station 
  • max. electrical capacity: 96 MW
  • Average annual production: 555 million kWh
  • Managing Director: Thomas Fürst

A model of environmentally friendly power usage

Alpiq Hydro places a high value on protecting the environment. The three power stations generate electricity from 100 percent renewable sources. The generated electricity is certified by Germany's TÜV SÜD institute. The Ruppoldingen power station is a textbook example for the environmentally friendly use of hydro power. Alpiq Hydro is committed to maintaining the ecobalance in the operation of its three power stations.