Alpiq in: Europe

Alpiq Energy SE in the Czech Republic

Jungmannova 26/15

Alpiq Energy SE is committed to providing its clients and counterparties expanded and improved services in energy trading and sales.

As one of the leading companies in electricity portfolio management in the Czech Republic, Alpiq currently delivers up to 5 TWh to its customers and up to 35 TWh to business partners in CEE.
Customers are energy suppliers, distributors, purchasing associations and independent power stations as well as medium and large-sized industrial enterprises. Whether it is full supply, scheduled deliveries of electricity or structured electricity trading products, the sales and trading departments work closely together to offer customers individual solutions


  • Energy Trading
  • Energy Supply / Electricity Sales
  • Energy Management Services

Customer Benefits

Alpiq Energy SE possesses a wealth of experience in international electricity trading and our customers reap the benefits of this expertise. Alpiq is able to integrate the pooled knowledge of the entire Alpiq group in the European energy market with the local expertise that we at Alpiq Energy SE have gathered in the 16 Central and Eastern European countries where we are active. Alpiq specialists observe and analyse each and every trend in the energy business and develop strategies and individual products for the benefit of customers.


2010 Alpiq Energy SE is created. Alpiq Energy SE is established in eight EU countries in Central and Eastern Europe.

2008 Atel Energy AG completed its integration into the Atel Group.

2006 The company was undergoing a change of name and change in form and became Atel Energy AG.

2002 Atel acquired Entrade GmbH, the trading and sales company Atel Českà republika was established.

1998 The energy trading company Entrade GmbH was founded.

1996 Atel entered the Central and Eastern European electricity market in 1996 when it signed its first long-term contracts.

Facts and Figures

Employees: 65

Customers/Partners: 36

Annual sales: up to 8 TWh / in CEE region up to 33 TWh

Chairmain of the Board: Zdeněk Čihák