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Code of conduct of the Alpiq Group

Trust is the basic prerequisite for the sustainable success of the Alpiq Group. This applies in particular to customers and suppliers, shareholders and financial institutes, government bodies and administrative authorities, as well as the general public. In order for us to be able to achieve this sustained success, we must all understand our stakeholders and fulfil our responsibilities towards them.

Personal responsibility, sincerity, loyalty and the respectful handling of all resources define the conduct of the Alpiq Group. In this, the managers carry a very special responsibility as a result of their role model function.

At all times we ensure compliance with the legal and regulatory provisions, the internal directives and guidelines, as well as the observation of the accepted market standards. In doing so, however, we recognise that compliance with the internal and external provisions represents a necessary, but at the same time an inadequate prerequisite for ethically accountable conduct. The code of conduct defines the basic principles that govern the conduct and actions of Alpiq employees. The code of conduct should help the employees to understand what the Alpiq Group expects of them.

Wherever the Alpiq code of conduct does not contain any explicit pointers, our employees allow themselves to be guided by the principle of honesty, integrity and open communication. Through compliance with these principles, Alpiq can live up to its high requirements.

As an extension to the Group Guidelines, the code of conduct shall be complied with by every company, at home or abroad, that is directly or indirectly controlled by Alpiq Holding AG and shall be integrated into its corporate policy. All managers are responsible for implementing the Code of Conduct in their areas of responsibility and Group companies. Violations against the code of conduct will result in disciplinary action and possibly consequences under the employment law.

Alpiq is fully convinced that with his/her conduct, every individual employee determines the success and reputation of the Alpiq Group. The consistent implementation of the Alpiq values and principles is an important corner stone for a sustainable path into the future for our Group.

Internal or external persons may approach Compliance directly and, if they wish, anonymously, with any concerns about (suspected) violations of the Code of Conduct.

Contact information

Tobias Meyer
Head Compliance
T: +41 62 286 74 27