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Staumauer Salanfe

Miéville power plant - alt. 452 m

The reservoir collects water from the Salanfe and Saufla basins. The waters of the Saufla reach the reservoir via the natural gradient of a 4 kilometer-long tunnel. The pressure line between the reservoir and the Miéville power stations situated 1,472 meters lower down has a gradient of up to 95 percent.

Salanfe dam - alt. 1925 m

Built: 1947
Commissioned: 1950
Type: gravity dam
Height: 52 m
Crest: 616 m
Reservoir capacity: 40 m m3
Area: 185 ha
Catchment area: 31.8 km2  

Pumping stations

Clusanfe - 5400 m3
Capacity 880 kW, max. discharge rate 2.0 m3/s
Giétroz du Fond – 20,000 m3
Capacity 1026 kW, max. discharge rate 0.6 m3/s

Storage Power Plants


Salanfe, Switzerland

70 MW

Alpiq: 100 %


97 GWh (2012)


in service