Alpiq in: Europe

Forces Motrices du Gd-St-Bernard S.A.

Gd-St-Bernard - Les Toules

Pallazuit station - alt. 1331 m

As it leaves the Pallazuit station, water from the Dranse is turbined three times more before flowing into the Rhône: at the Orsières station, owned by Forces Motrices d'Orsières, at the Sembrancher station, owned by Romande Energie, then at the Alpiq power plant at Martigny-Bourg.

2 Pelton turbines
Total capacity: 32 MW
Gross head: 480 m

Toules dam - alt. 1810 m

Built: 1958
Commissioned: 1963
Type: thin arch dam
Height: 86 m
Crest: 460 m
Reservoir capacity: 20 m m3
Area: 60 ha
Catchment area: 78 km2 

Water intakes

Allèves - alt. 2101 m
Yield: 1 m3/s
Croix - alt. 2053 m
Yield: 0,5 m3/s
Valsorey - alt. 1851 m
Yield: 3 m3/s

Storage Power Plants


Bourg St Pierre, VS

2 Pelton turbines

32 MW

Alpiq: 25 %


96 GWh


in service