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Forces Motrices de Fully S.A.

Fully dam

Fully dam

Fully power plant

Fully power plant

Situated at an altitude of 495 meters, the power station utilises a gross head (vertical drop) of 1643 meters, which represented a world record until 1934. The water is drawn from a reservoir at 2135 meters above sea level. The power plant boasts an unusual feature: a theatre in the former machine house, where performances are regularly held.

The plant has been out of service since January 2013 due to a technical defect. Forces Motrices de Fully SA is analysing various options for the future of the hydroelectric power station.

Pumping station

Sorniot  Lake - 35 000 m3
Capacity 324 kW, max. discharge rate 0.2 m3/s

Fully power plant - alt. 497 m

1 Pelton turbine
Capacity: 5 MW
Gross head: 1643 m
Since 1992, the former machine hall has hosted shows organized by the “La Belle Usine” association.

Fully dam - alt. 2139 m

Built: 1912
Commissioned: 1914
Type: gravity dam
Height: 14 m
Crest: 110 m
Reservoir capacity: 4.2 m m3
Area: 22 ha
Catchment area: 4.9 km2

Storage Power Plants


Fully, VS

0 MW

Alpiq: 28 %


0 GWh


out of service