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Forces Motrices de Conches S.A.

Kraftwerk Neubrigg

Neubrigg power plant - alt. 1008 m
These facilities in the eastern part of the canton of Valais comprise four power stations and two reservoirs, and are divided into three clearly separated grids. The power stations and their supply lines went into operation between 1964 and 1974. Collectively, the Gommer power stations cover the electricity needs of 44,000 people.

2 turbines
Total capacity: 26 MW
Gross head: 734m

Fieschertal power plant  - alt. 1130 m
2 turbines
Total capacity: 64 MW
Gross head: 520 m

Heiligkreuz power plant - alt. 1410 m 
3 turbines
Total capacity: 39 MW
Gross head: 680 m

Frid reservoir - alt. 1741 m
Built: 1966
Type: earth embankment dam
Height: 13 m
Reservoir capacity: 50 000 m3

Kummenbord reservoir - alt. 2097 m
Reservoir capacity: 160 400 m3

Storage Power Plants


Vallée de Conches, Switzerland

132 MW

Alpiq: 26 %


297 GWh (2012)


in service