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Energy efficiency

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Energy efficiency is the sum of a multitude of measures: reducing energy consumption, limiting emissions, making sustainable use of renewable resources – in short: making the most effective possible use of energy. As a leading company in the areas of energy and energy services, we are committed to energy efficiency and have the requisite experience and the appropriate expertise in activities ranging from electricity production to building technology.

The aim of the Federal Council’s energy policy is to secure energy supply, reduce dependence on fossil fuels and cut greenhouse-gas emissions. The key to achieving this aim lies always and unequivocally with energy efficiency, and as such it also lies with Alpiq.

Alpiq strives to make an active contribution to the energy future of our country, and bring its experience and expertise to bear. We invest in renewable energies, in wind and water, make use of intelligent technologies at every level and devise forward-looking, consistently energy-efficient solutions for our customers.