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Comunicato stampa: 20.04.2017 12:00

Alpiq and IKEA extend their solar partnership

Alpiq and IKEA extend their solar partnership

Lausanne – Helion Solar, an Alpiq Group company, and IKEA Switzerland are expanding their solar partnership. With immediate effect, Helion Solar is also responsible for the planning, sales and installation of Varta batteries, SolarEdge inverters and, as of June, of roof-integrated solar systems. This collaboration is in line with Alpiq’s strategy ...

Comunicato stampa: 19.04.2017 09:00

Alpiq commissions power to heat system

Power to Heat

Lausanne – Alpiq has put its first power to heat system in Switzerland into operation in Niedergösgen. Amongst other things, the new system will allow Alpiq to offer negative balancing energy on the ancillary services market. Alternatively it can be used to generate process steam for industrial purposes. This is in line with Alpiq’s strategy of ...

Storia: 18.04.2017

Imbach’s forging factory reduces electricity costs thanks to Xamax system

Imbach’s forging factory

Imbach & Cie AG in Nebikon is one of Switzerland’s largest providers of forging services. They export high-quality metal parts worldwide. Manufacturing these products requires a great deal of electrical energy. Hence Imbach AG relies on Xamax energy optimisation and reactive power compensation systems.

Storia: 10.04.2017

Nuova tecnica di gestione di Alpiq per i zuccherifici

Zuccherificio di Aarberg.

Su incarico di Zucchero Svizzero SA, Alpiq Prozessautomation AG ha modernizzato la tecnica di gestione degli impianti di campionamento, soggetta a guasti, negli stabilimenti di Aarberg e Frauenfeld. La tecnica di gestione ora si lascia utilizzare in maniera molto più semplice ed efficiente.