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26.01.2018 E-World 2018

Our E-world talking points

Alpiq represents digital transformation along the entire energy value chain. Alpiq's products and services ...

Germany Success Story
18.01.2018 E-World 2018

Our topics at E-world 2018

The international energy market is becoming increasingly complex and decentralised. By means of digital ...

Switzerland Success Story
04.01.2018 Greentecawards Gridsense

neeoBASIX with GridSense is nominated for the GreenTec Awards

neeoBASIX with integrated GridSense optimisation has been nominated for one of 2018's GreenTec Awards, the ...

Switzerland Success Story
29.11.2017 Alu Rheinfelden

Aluminium Rheinfelden creates transparency and reduces electricity costs with Xamax

The Aluminium Rheinfelden Group in Germany is automating its energy data collection and wants to increase its ...

Switzerland Success Story
21.09.2017 Xamax an der Ineltec

Alpiq presents a new energy management portal for the first time

Xamax AG’s new energy management portal is called xenter.ch. In mid-September, the Alpiq subsidiary presented ...

Switzerland Success Story
14.09.2017 E-Mobility Italy Esselunga

First contract for Alpiq E-Mobility in Italy

Alpiq E-Mobility AG is expanding and recently implemented the first charging infrastructure project outside ...

Italy Success Story