Alpiq in: Europe

Origination services

Alpiq is a leading provider of origination services in Europe. We offer a wide range of solutions that enable our customersto manage market risk and maximise the value of their energy portfolios.

We support our customers along the whole decision chain, sharing our in-depth know-how and resources in order to find the best solutions.

Market access – 24/7 availability

As we are active on all the important European exchanges, trading platforms and bilateral markets, we can offer innovative and tailor-made market access services.

Portfolio management

For customers for whom spending capital on building in-house trading competency and systems does not make sense, we offer all the relevant choices relating to approaching the energy markets with room control over the degree of desired risk.

Asset management & optimisation

Distributors and other asset owners can commission Alpiq to manage any or all of their generating facilities. A typical customer might be a large-scale hydro asset owner or an industrial customer with their own co-generation capacities.

Renewable energy sources management

The intermittent nature of the power generation from renewable sources places considerable challenges on operators and direct marketers in respect of production forecasting, dispatch, balancing energy management and commercialisation of the generated power.

Ancillary services partnership

Our ancillary services partnership enables owners and operators of flexible power plants to maximise the value of their generation capacities thanks to successful activity in the market for system services.

Balance group and sub-balance group management

Alpiq offers balance group and sub-balance group management services in multiple markets across Europe enabling its customers to trade energy with other balance groups, receive energy from power plants and supply energy to end customers.