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Gösgen nuclear power station

KKW Gösgen

A pressurised water reactor in the Gösgen nuclear power plant releases energy, which is headed and evaporated in a separate water cycle, generating steam to spin the turbines. The power station covers around 15 percent of Swiss electricity needs. Over the years the volume of electricity produced has increased by almost one fifth.

How is electricity produced and what part do nuclear power stations play in ensuring the reliability of supply? Visitors can find out more during a free tour of the Gösgen nuclear power plant. Advance bookings are possible by calling the free phone number 0800 844 822 or via the website.

Nuclear Power Plants


Däniken, SO

Four-casing single-shaft condensing turbine (one high-pressure, three low-pressure)

1,010 MW

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8,000 GWh


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