Alpiq in: Europe

Electra-Massa storage power station

Massa storage power station

Bitsch power plant - alt. 693 m

The Gebidem dam is fed by Aletsch glacier water, which is very rich in sediment. The 55 m3/s turbined by the Bitsch power station contain between 10 and 13 kg of sand, or an average of almost 40 tons per hour.

Alpiq share of output: 23 %
Average annual output: 564 GWh 
220 kV grid connection

3 Pelton turbines
Total capacity: 340 MW
Gross head: 750 m

Gebidem dam - alt. 1436 m

Built: 1964
Commissioned: 1969
Type: arch dam
Height: 122 m
Crest: 327 m
Reservoir capacity: 9.2 m m3
Area: 21 ha
Catchment area: 150.3 km2

Storage Power Plants


Bitsch, VS

3 Pelton turbines

340 MW

Alpiq: 34.5 %


564 GWh


in service