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Forces Motrices Hongrin-Léman S.A. (FMHL)

Staumauer Hongrin

A special feature of this dam is its design: a double curvature arch dam connected by an abutment. A tunnel more than 20 kilometers in length was built to transport the water into the reservoir, from where it flows through an almost 8 kilometer long line before flowing through turbines to generate electricity.

Veytaux power plant - alt 377 m
Pump-turbine power plant: during off-peak periods, water from Lake Geneva is discharged at a rate of 24 m3 per second to be turbined during periods of high demand.

2 x 4 Pelton turbines and 4 pumps
Total capacity: 240 MW
Gross head: 878 m

L'Hongrin dam - alt 1255 m
Reservoir capacity: 52 m m3
Built: 1969
Commissioned: 1971
Type: double arch
Height: 123 m / 95 m
Crest: 600 m
Catchment area: 90.8 km2
Area: 160 ha

Storage Power Plants


Veytaux, VD

2 x 4 Pelton turbines

240 MW

Alpiq: 39.29 %


520 GWh


in service