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Gösgen run-of-river power station

Wasserkraftwerk Gösgen

Built in 1917, the Gösgen power station has an annual output of around 300 GWh and is one of the largest run-of-river power plants on the river Aare. Between 1997 and 2000 the power station was completely rebuilt and now produces twelve percent more electricity with the same flow of water. In 2004 a new fish ladder was put into operation at the weir in Winznau. The Gösgen power station is one of the most productive run-of-river power stations on the River Aare. A 4.8 kilometer canal also belongs to the power station.

Large Run-of-River Plants


Niedergösgen, SO

5 Kaplan turbines (1 of which 16.7 Hz traction power SBB)

51.3 MW

Alpiq: 100 %

1917 / 2000

300 GWh


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