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Alpiq helps Swiss-Ski achieve peak performance

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Swiss winter sports and Alpiq share a lot in common: mountains, snow, energy and peak performance. That's why we have been supporting Swiss-Ski since May 2009.

Swiss-Ski is one of the most important and successful sports associations in Switzerland, combining under one roof the eight disciplines of downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, ski jumping, Nordic combination, biathlon, snowboarding, freestyle and telemark. The approximately 250 Swiss-Ski athletes come from all regions of Switzerland and participate in competitions both in Switzerland and abroad.

The common ground with Swiss-Ski is obvious. Both are active throughout Switzerland and maintain strong partnerships with the alpine cantons. Alpiq is active in many European countries, and winter sports are extremely popular in many of these nations. We are proud that we can provide Swiss energy to help the Swiss athletes achieve peak performance in competitions at home and abroad.

Alpiq also acts as an individual sponsor for eight downhill skiers. They are represented in all of Swiss Ski’s teams, from the interregional to the national. Five of the athletes we sponsor live in the canton of Valais, where many of our hydroelectric power stations generate energy. In keeping with our commitment to maintaining close ties with the alpine cantons, we support young, motivated athletes and help them achieve peak performance.