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Story: 30.04.2015

Expo 2015: built on dedication and efficiency, provided by Alpiq InTec

Expo 2015 in Milano - Zero

Alpiq InTec has constructed two pavilions and equipped them with the latest building technology for Expo 2015, which opens its doors tomorrow. After the general contractor was forced to declare bankruptcy, Alpiq InTec took over the project in partnership with another company – with great success. However, the project was a real race against time.

Media Release: 12.03.2015 07:00

Alpiq acquires specialist in railway infrastructure

Balfour Beatty Rome Metro

Zurich – Alpiq is investing in the rail infrastructure market with the acquisition of Balfour Beatty Rail S.p.A., the Italian engineering and contracting expert in railway and mass transit electrification systems, which specialises in design, procurement, installation and commissioning of turnkey and renewals railway projects. This transaction is ...

Story: 23.09.2013

Alpiq InTec Milano carries out electrical installations at the Turin headquarters of Intesa Sanpaolo

Torre Intesa Sanpaolo Torino

In spring 2014, the new Turin headquarters of the Intesa Sanpaolo bank group will be opened. At a height of 166 metres, it is “only” the second-tallest building in the city – but certainly the most technologically advanced. Alpiq InTec Milano is responsible for the electrical and special technical installations.

Story: 18.04.2013

Electricity from wood waste: Alpiq equips biomass power stations in Brescia and Cremona

Biomass power station in Rodengo-Saiano

Alpiq InTec Verona SpA has installed combined heat and power cogeneration solutions for two newly created biomass power stations in northern Italy. The plants are excellent examples of how energy efficiency, environmental protection and state-of-the-art technology can be combined usefully and profitably.