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Energy with a future

Media Release: 26.06.2015 10:00

Andreas Richner to take over as Head of the new functional unit Communications & Public Affairs

Andreas Richner - Head of Communications & Public Affairs - Alpiq

Lausanne –Alpiq has decided to unite the functional units Communications & Public Affairs. Andreas Richner will take over as the head of this new unit.

Story: 22.06.2015

Safer roads thanks to signals and control system from Kummler+Matter

Verkehrstechnik Basel - KUMA

Intelligent control systems and networked traffic signals in sensitive areas are crucial in order to ensure that traffic runs smoothly on frequently travelled Swiss roadways. Kummler+Matter has implemented two exciting transport technology projects in Ascona and Basel, which have contributed to making the roads safer.

Media Release: 22.06.2015 07:00

Alpiq optimises financial liabilities

Alpiq issues bond

Lausanne - Alpiq Holding AG (Alpiq) successfully concluded its second buyback of outstanding senior CHF bonds due 2016–2019. In total, bonds amounting to CHF 340 million were bought back. Concurrently, Alpiq has successfully placed a senior bond for CHF 150 million with a tenor of eight years on the market to attractive conditions. This will ...