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Media Release: 30.04.2015 18:00

Shareholders elect Jens Alder as the new Chairman

Alpiq Annual General Meeting 2015

Lausanne - Alpiq Holding Ltd. held its 7th Annual General meeting in Olten on 30 April 2015. Among other agenda items, the shareholders agreed to a scrip dividend (Wahldividende), and approved the 2014 consolidated financial statements of the Alpiq Group as well as the 2014 annual report and the annual financial statements of Alpiq Holding Ltd. In ...

Media Release: 30.04.2015 07:00

Alpiq sets final terms for scrip dividend

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Lausanne – The Board of Directors of the Alpiq Holding Ltd. will propose the issue of a scrip dividend (Wahldividende) out of reserves from capital contribution at today’s 7th Annual General Meeting. Shareholders can elect to a dividend payment in cash or to receive newly issued shares. With this Alpiq intends to strengthen its capital base and to ...

Media Release: 28.04.2015 12:00

With its own photovoltaic system, Alpiq presents itself as a full-range provider for solar projects

Alpiq Photovoltaikanlage Kestenholz

Lausanne – Alpiq has put its largest photovoltaic system with an output of 1.2 MW into operation. Located in Kestenholz in the Swiss canton of Solothurn, the 7,399-square-metre system generates approximately 1,200,000 kilowatt hours of electricity per year. With this system, Alpiq underpins its competence in the project management, planning, ...

Media Release: 02.04.2015 07:00

Alpiq publishes Annual Report 2014

Alpiq Geschäftsbericht 2014

Lausanne - Today, the Alpiq Group published the full Annual Report 2014. The report can be viewed at www.alpiq.com/reports.